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Terms and Conditions

The undersigned, hereinafter referred to as “Client”, agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding all services, consumer credit reports, and investigative consumer reports (“ICR”) provided by Personal Profile Services (“PPS”).

1. Client agrees to comply with all the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA, http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcrajump.shtm) and its amendment, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA, http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcrajump.shtm), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB, http://banking.senate.gov/conf/), along with any other state or local regulations regarding the use of consumer information.

2. Client certifies that inquiries submitted to PPS will be made only for permissible purposes as provided by fair credit laws including, but not limited to, tenant or employment screening, and will not be used for any other purpose. Under FCRA regulations, any person who knowingly and willfully obtains consumer information from a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) under false pretenses is subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both.

3. If Client takes adverse action against an applicant based on any information provided by PPS, Client agrees to provide notice to said applicant according to FCRA regulations. This may be done in writing, orally, or electronically.

4. Client will obtain written authorization from prospective applicant(s) in a separate document from any standard application, acknowledging and agreeing to consumer credit report retrieval or ICR initiated by PPS and as requested by Client.

5. Client agrees to maintain any information provided by PPS in a diligent manner in order to avoid unauthorized or unnecessary access by others including Client’s employees. This information includes, but is not limited to, any account numbers or passwords assigned by PPS, consumer credit information provided to Client regarding any applicant or personal inquiry, or any information provided as a result of an ICR. This requirement is applicable to both hard copies and electronic copies of such information, as well as any software or hardware used in maintaining such information. In addition, Client agrees to follow FCRA requirements regarding disposal of such records by cross-cut shredding, burning, pulverizing, etc., or destroying such confidential information so it will no longer be legible and is unable to be recreated.

6. If Client receives a Fraud Alert or Active Duty Military Alert in regard to Client’s applicant, Client must use reasonable measures to verify the identity of said applicant and/or contact the consumer at the telephone number provided by the CRA. If Client receives a Notice of Address Discrepancy regarding Client’s applicant, Client must use reasonable measures to verify the address provided by applicant is valid.

7. If Client desires PPS to initiate a new client account under a different company name, Client will provide PPS with all necessary documentation (a) allowing use of such name and (b) authorizing Client to sign for services on behalf of the company.

8. Client shall hold PPS harmless for any and all loss or liability incurred as a result of the use of information provided by PPS.

9. Client understands PPS cannot advise or influence Client in regard to selection of tenants, employees, or extension of credit and all legal questions should be directed to an attorney of Client’s choosing.

10. Client agrees to pay PPS for each consumer credit report or ICR ordered including “No Record” or “Unable to Verify” responses.

11. PPS will invoice Client at the end of each calendar month and Client agrees to pay PPS for services rendered upon receipt of such invoice. Client also understands that in the event invoices become seriously past due and any payment arrangements are not honored, service to Client shall be suspended and any amounts owed to PPS will be placed for internal collection and posted to Client’s consumer credit report.

12. Client agrees not to grant credit, insurance, or make employment decisions based on SAFESCAN messages alone.

13. Client will not divulge any BEACON/FICO/Credit score to applicant or applicant’s agent under any circumstances except as required by law.

14. Client may not request a credit report on themselves, employees, family members, or friends, except as required in the normal course of business.

15. Client agrees to notify PPS of any lost or stolen credit information that was obtained for business purposes by the Client. Notification must be done within 24 hours of loss or theft.

16. Client agrees to allow a representative of PPS to perform on-site inspections of data storage and usage of confidential credit information to ensure that all Computer Sciences Corporation Credit Services (CSCCS) guidelines are being met.

17. Client agrees to use the Equifax PERSONA report for employment purposes only and the Equifax Credit Report for specified purposes only.

18. Client agrees to allow PPS to perform the following to make sure Client is in compliance with CSCCS regulations:

a. Client properly identifies type of business requiring credit information.
b. Client will be using credit information for stated purposes.
c. Client is a qualified subscriber, per CSCCS regulations.
d. Client provides adequate security to prevent unlawful or improper use of credit      information and Social Security Number data.
e. Client maintains written security policies covering both data and physical      security per CSCCS guidelines.
f. Client must have a valid business license, business Tax Identification     Number, Employer ID Number, or Social Security Number.
g. If Client works out of a residence-based office, all credit reports and      summaries must be kept inaccessible, either by lock and key, or by      separation, from the rest of the residence.

19. Client agrees to allow PPS to run a credit report on principle of Client’s company and be provided with a copy of principle’s driver’s license for verification.

20. All users subject to the Federal Trade Comission’s jurisdiction must comply with all applicable regulations, including regulations enacted after this notice was prescribed in 2004. Information about applicable regulations currently in effect can be found at the Commission’s Website www.ftc.gov/credit. Persons not subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction should consult with their regulators to find any relevant regulations.

By checking yes you agree to the Terms and Conditions above.

I, , agree to all Terms & Conditions as set forth by Personal Profile Services for all Tenant & Employment Screening services.