Steps to Take if Your Identity has been Stolen

  • Contact your local law enforcement agency and make a report
  • Get and keep a copy of the police report & the ID theft affidavit (keep originals in a safe place)
  • For credit cards, contact the fraud departments of the creditor and close the account
  • For checks, notify your bank and close the account
  • Contact all 3 credit reporting agencies and place a fraud alert on your file (do by phone ASAP and then follow up in writing via certified mail) – they may request a copy of an ID theft affidavit or police report. Phone numbers can be found HERE
  • Contact the FTC so they can add your ID theft to their database. Phone number can be found HERE


  • Only send copies, not originals, of any documents
  • Make sure all communication is done in writing or followed up in writing via certified mail
  • Watch your bank account – there is a time limit on disputing fraudulent checks or withdrawals
  • Keep a detailed log of all contacts with authorities and financial institutions